Why Stay If It’s Not Secure?

Home security is not something to be taken lightly, and we definitely suggest making sure that your family is protected at home. But sometimes, depending on where you live, there’s only so much you can do in the way of preventative measures. Alarm systems can either scare of an intruder or alert the police after the fact. There’s no sure-fire way of preventing all harm when living in a bad area. That’s why one of the things we suggest is really taking a look at where you’re at and what you can do with the property before things get any worse. Don’t get us wrong, we love installing security systems, but human life is most important and when a security system can only do so much, we definitely want people to stay safe by making the harder choice.

It can often be a challenge to sell a house that’s in a not-so-great neighborhood. That’s why we suggest checking out options with a real estate investor who can help you go through the process of selling your home fast due to the nature of how they operate. With traditional sales, you have to wait for a buyer, negotiate, make repairs, then go through the title process. With an investor, they usually have cash or a hard money lender who is willing to put down that cash immediately. You can avoid closing and repair costs and have a home sold in a week or less. In the meantime, you can search for a new home, get pre-approved, and use the proceeds from the sale as your down payment. Once you and your family are in a safe and comfortable place, THEN give your local security company a call to give you that added protection!