What To Do About Security When You Sell Your House

What to do about security


If you are selling or planning to sell your house, first of all, congrats!

Secondly, make sure you take care of a few steps during this process to make sure it’s smooth and you get everything set up accordingly.

When selling your house, be sure to…

Get your home security system notified and updated!

The last thing you want to happen is for someone to get into your home, forgot that you had a security system set up, and have cops roll up on them questioning everything they’re doing.

I know this might seem like total common sense, but it happens more often than you may think.

Especially when a homeowner has sold a home and they’re not going to another place where they are setting up a security system again.

It just tends to totally slip their minds!

But if the home is sitting while you’re attempting to sell it, notify your security company.

When a home is vacant and sitting on the market, people that regularly pass by may begin to notice that there’s consistently no one occupying the home.

If it’s long enough, two things can happen:

Either someone breaks in to look for things to steal.

Or you might acquire some brand new squatters!

Squatters will stay there for as long as you let them, and if you aren’t checking up on the home, you may never know that there’s anyone living there at all.

And once it’s time to show some potential buyers, you have a not so pleasant surprise with broken windows, damaged floors, or, well, some poop.

Not the greatest things to come home to, or to be the first impression of your house.

Once you get into your new home…

You gotta get everything updated.

First, check to see if the necessary hardware is there.

Many homes don’t have security systems installed at all, especially if it’s an older neighborhood.

And if they do, that hardware might either be incompatible or it’s just too outdated to work with the latest systems.

The hardware may also only be limited to the doors instead of doors and windows, so be sure to get someone to check that out.

If you want to get more advanced with it, you can update other components of your home for security, like getting an IP camera doorbell so you know exactly who is waiting at your door.

You may also want to invest in some awesome outdoor security cameras for the perimeter, which tend to reveal things like thieves that steal packages.

If you’ve purchased a project home, make sure you know every single inch of that home because you never know what’s been done to that house.

Seriously, secret rooms are a thing.

Express Houston Home Buyers (https://expresshoustonhomebuyers.com) has shared that they’ve had a LOT of weird things happen when they bought older homes that needed a lot of work.

Secret safe spots, homes, and similar things have been found in super old homes that have been modified.

Last but not least

Know what’s around your area.

Where are the dark alleys, police stations, parks, hospitals?

Who are your neighbors?

What are some escape routes during emergency situations like floods, fires, or other danger.

Knowing this about your new home area will drastically help in case of any emergency, because you’ll already know what to do or where to go, using that as a frame of reference.

Without any frame of reference, you’re likely to spend more time trying to figure this stuff out when you could be saving time and making moves

Make sure you check out some of our other articles about home security to start reinforcing your home and making sure everything is good when moving into a new place.

Stay safe!