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What Is The Best Home Security System And How Will They Keep Me Safe From Harm?

Doing your homework will help find a great new home security system that will protect not only your home but more importantly, your family too. Start by researching several security companies and decide who to contact. Ask questions about what you are getting and what security the system will provide. Discuss the various packages that are on offer and weigh up all pros and cons. Take notes and take your time. Be aware that some companies can actually give you a 30 day trial.

Beware of special offers that say free installation. These may not actually be free. There is always a charge for something such as installation activation or up front monitoring. They only often include the basic components and don't give you the full protection you need and really defies the point of getting a security system in the first place.
Don't deal with companies that use high pressure sales tactics to get you to sign up on the spot there and then. They often use scare tactics and manipulation to persuade you to sign up with them such as deceiving false crime statics about your neighborhood. They usually claim that theirs is the best home security system and that all others are no good. They can easily scare a customer into buying something you don't really want if you allow these types of security company into your home. Stand your guard and if you are not happy tell them to leave.
Ask about monitoring and what exactly does the system monitor as well as how it monitors. Most traditional systems use phone lines that a burglar can cut very quickly. Some of the best security systems use cellular monitoring thus preventing possible sabotage. They offer benefits such as the capability of being able to arm and disarm the system via an app on a smartphone/iphone/Android phone.
After you have finally chosen your home security system you will most likely sign a monitoring agreement with the company. Before signing, be completely aware of the full terms of the agreement such as renewal and cancellation. Be aware some companies don't allow you to end the contract prematurely.
We have looked closely at several home security systems on the market and have found the following that we would recommend as the best home security systems:
- Skylink SC-1000 Complete Wireless Alarm System

- LaserShield BSK-0013101 Wireless Home Security System

- GE Concord 4

- ADT Safewatch QuickConnect

- Brinks Home Security Systems

There several home security companies to choose from and it can be a difficult task to select the best home security company that is right for you as everyone has different needs and requirements.

Skylink SC-1000 Complete Wireless Alarm System

This highly recommended wireless home security alarm kit offers everything you would need for a complete home security system. The Skylink SC-1000 Complete Wireless Alarm System protects from burglar intrusion to flood and temperature detection, and more. There is a configuration available for all households and requirements. Additional sensors can maximise coverage to provide a total home security solution so you can be confident that you will be 100% safe. The Skylink SC-1000 is a complete, cost effective wireless home security solution comprising of a security control panel, motion sensor, 2 door/window sensors and an emergency dialer.
The Skylink SC-1000 has one fantastic feature over most other alarm systems – it provides monitored security but WITHOUT the monthly fees. You can program up to 9 phone numbers into the emergency dialer so when the system is triggered, it will dial each number in turn until it gets through. Once it connects, it will play your 40 sec recorded message to alert the person answering the phone that your alarm has been triggered. You can store your cell phone number, friends, neighbors and family. Its monitored home security - but without the monthly expense. Included in the kit is:
  • 1 x Security control panel
  • 1 x Motion sensor
  • 2 x Door/window sensors
  • 1 x Emergency dialer
A great advantage of this wireless system is its ability to expand – as and when you need to with inexpensive add-on wireless devices. The security control panel is capable of being programmed for up to 24 varying kinds of wireless devices such as extra motion sensors, window/door sensors, temperature sensors, flood sensors as well as carbon monoxide/smoke sensors. Be very confident that your family and home will be totally protected with a Skylink SC-1000.

LaserShield BSK-0013101 Wireless Home Security System

If you are looking for a home security system that does not need any installation then look no further. Introducing the first instant plug-and-go home security system, the LaserShield BSK-0013101 Home Security System is wireless burglar alarm system that needs zero installation.
It is the first instant plug and play home security system that includes an alarm together with a 24/7 level professional emergency response service. The LaserShield wireless security system is designed particularly for apartments, homes, offices and storage amenities. The starter system has the capability of protecting up to 1200 square feet per wireless detection unit and up to 12 detection device units can be associated with a single master alarm unit.
This system comprises of::
  • 1 x Master alarm unit
  • 1 x Motion detector
  • 2 x keychain remotes
  • Protects up to 12 sq ft
  • 4 Emergency panic buttons
  • Built in back-up battery
  • Pet shield
  • No setting up required at all

GE Concord 4

This system can operate as wired, wireless or a combination of both and offers 96 on board zones which is more than enough for most home security needs making this unit pretty much future proof. The panel comes with eight hardwire zone inputs as standard, including a smoke detector loop that can handle up to 20 detectors. The system can be expanded further with a phone interface/voice module for control of the system using touch-tone phones. The module has a speaker output that provides alarm messages and on site voice status. This product is relatively easy to set up and install if you are not technically minded. Included is 1 year alarm monitoring from NextAlarm with a continued subscription, after one of $11.95 a month. With a great price of around $295 makes this a affordable, future proof solution to your home security requirements. GE Concord Security Kit Includes:
  • 1 Year Alarm Monitoring from NextAlarm, (Includes Web Access Log-in, and Secure Web Controls)
  • E-Z Online System Programming (Available Soon)
  • GE Concord 96 Zone Security Panel - 8 Hardwired Zones, 96 Wireless Zones
  • 2 Door / Window Contacts
  • 1 Pet-immune Motion Detector
  • 1 Battery Backup
  • 1 Indoor / Outdoor Siren
  • GE-60-983 ATP1000 Alpha Programming Keypad
  • 8 Hardwired Zones Standard - (Expandable using wired zone expanders)
  • 96 Available Wireless Zones (Wireless Receiver Built-in - Just add sensors)
  • Instruction Manual & Setup Guide
  • NextAlarm Monitoring Account "Quick Setup" Guide.
  • BroadBand Alarm Monitoring Compatible - Simply add the ABN adaptor.
  • Insurance Certificate - Save up to 10% on Home Owners Insurance
  • Phone Jack
  • Phone Cord
  • Power Supply

ADT Safewatch QuickConnect

Safewatch QuickConnect is a home security system that is all you will ever need comprising of a large control panel LCD display, two window or door contacts, wireless capabilities, two way voice communication, wireless remote and a motion detector. The Safewatch security system is a very popular product from a highly reputable company. With over 20 million customers nationwide and an established presence in the security industry for over 100 years, ADT is largest security company in the United States. This ADT Security System is very easy to use and utilizes wireless peripherals as well as dual way communication with monitoring centers for when an alarm event occurs. It also uses a handly wireless keychain remote. This security system retails at $299 but ADT are currently doing a web special and offering this product with $200 cashback!
  • 1 x ADT Safewatch Quickconnect Control Panel: Integrates as touchpad that is easy to use together with a speaker and siren in a convenient unit.
  • 2 x Wireless Window/Door Sensors: these are best used for all windows and doors that are at the ground level. Also useful for windows and doors that are hidden from view or are very dark as well as those near trees or shrubs.
  • 1 x Wireless PIR Motion Detector: these wireless motion detector devices are especially effective at detecting movement in hallways and stairways as well as in rooms and prevents triggering false alarms. The Safewatch PIR’s have sophisticated technology which tends to beat other motion detectors.
  • 1 x Wireless Remote Keychain: East and convenient method of arming and disarming your system – with a simple press of a button.
  • 1 x Power Supply: this unit supplies power to the system and is fitted with a high capacity 24 hour battery for loss of power to your unit.
  • 1 x ADT Window Decal together with Yard Sign: no good quality alarm system is complete without a warning decal and sign to warn off potential burglars and let them know your home is defended by an ADT security system.

Brinks Home Security Systems

Choosing the right home security system can be an arduous task as there are so many systems to choose from. But, whatever your requirements and lifestyle, Brink's home security systems will have a system to suit your budget and your needs. With their state of the art, advanced systems you know that you and your family will be in safe hands. System monitoring begins at an affordable $29.99 a month and could save on homeowner's insurance rates as much as 20%, which could cover the cost of the install in no time. Standard features include one touch police, medical and fire emergency buttons, a zone bypass feature and an alert to notify you if a protect door or window is opened or tampered with.

A $49 Standard System Installation includes:
  • Standard Keypad – simple keypad that allows the switching on/off of the system
  • Two Door or Window Sensors
  • Motion Detector
  • Interior Siren
  • Master Control Panel
  • Brink's Yard Sign and Window Decals
A $155* Premium System Installation Includes:
  • Premium Keypad – advanced keypad incorporating a LCD display and walks you through the system's functions
  • Three Door or Window Sensors
  • Motion Detector
  • Interior Siren
  • Master Control Panel
  • Brink's Yard Sign and Window Decals