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Burglar Alarm Systems

For many years burglar alarms have traditionally been fitted in business premises but they are now becoming a growing requirement in private homes and gardens as well. There is a confusing wide range of alarms and options on the market and systems range from the inexpensive, easy to fit DIY, to sophisticated and complicated security networks that must be installed by professionals. However, most alarm systems are actually built in a similar manner using the same design concepts such as magnetic switches and PIR sensors, so is it really necessary to spend a lot of money?

Do I really need a burglar alarm?

Whether you are guarding some priceless antiques, diamond necklaces or just the average household home like the rest of us then you need to consider securing your possessions and protect your assists that you have worked so hard to purchase. You should consider installing a burglar alarm as none of us are immune to the opportunist burglar, let alone the professional, however we may not all need a hi-tech expensive, top of the range alarm system.
Burglar Alarm Control Panel
Initially you should review the general security of your home and assess whether the doors and windows are in good condition and fitted with sound locks. Ask yourself: could I break into my own house? If so, then you need to review your home security strategy and plan for improvements in the near future, before the worst happens. Many people often install a home security alarm after they have been burgled themselves. Don’t let this happen to you.
Statistics show that for homes fitted with security alarm systems, most attempted burglaries are unsuccessful, which proves that they act as an effective deterrent. Burglars will simply move on and look for easier targets to avoid breaking into a house fitted with an alarm system. Although alarm systems may be an effective deterrent, like most security appliances, they are not always 100% successful in stopping a break-in, it's still highly advised that you have a valid home insurance policy. An added bonus is that some insurance companies offer discounts for houses fitted with an alarm as there are less claims made.

But are home alarm systems expensive?

A straightforward home alarm system that will secure your home while you are away and will also dial your mobile cell phone or landline when activated by an intruder can cost as little as $80. Complete wireless burglar alarm systems that include PIR movement detectors and contact sensors on doors and windows to cover the whole house, together with an auto dial facility, control panel and alarm sounder can cost around $170. These can be fitted with basic DIY skills in around one hour. Secure your garden, garden shed or garage with a simple alarm for around $40.
With these alarms, there is no real need to employ specialist tradesmen to install them and no need for expensive monthly service and maintenance contracts. So everyone can afford the luxury of a burglar alarm to protect their property and possessions.